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Homophobia in Jamaican Music

Posted in Others by adda21 on September 2, 2009

CB018551YAH MAN!!!

All the reggae and dancehall people out there!
I don’t know if you ever listened closely to the lyrics of certain songs, but as long as you come from a more “liberal”
background, it might make you feel quite uncomfortable. As for me, personally, I prefer not to hear hate speeches (except maybe against the high and mighty opressors of the world), or calling to murder in the music which i love, especially for it’s, mainly, uplifting lyrics.
I believe in freedom of speech so, you don’t HAVE to like gays…and if you think it’s up to god to judge them, well that’s even more of a motivation not to do it yourself.

The Response you get for this is different…there are diverse opinions on this issue. Some like “Dat is a positive talk, man.” And others like “So yuh a fifi boy, nuh?”