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The new kind of Role Playing

Posted in Online Games by adda21 on October 4, 2009
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If we talk about the Social Web, one thing that can’t be excluded is the new generation of MMORPGs (Mass-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). Back then, they were nothing but a more fun alternative to solo or network gaming. But nowadays, they can even be an alternative to life itself.

The most prominent examples are “World Of Warcraft”(Wow), a MMORPG version of the famous strategy-game “Warcraft”, and “Second Life”, a title that speaks for itself.

WoW takes place in a fantasy world. The player can choose from a variety of races and classes, divided into two parties, the Allies and the Horde. Players are able to fight against monsters, each other in duels, or against enemy players. While there is a straight line of quests which everyone can finish, there are also thousands of other things to discover which will all help you to get more expierence, new abilities and better equipment.

The team factor in this game is quite high, as many places should not be encountered alone. But the potential for people to slip into their virtual identity more than their real identity, is also quite high. Especially people who want to escape problems or lack self-confidence tend to seize the opportunity to become mighty respected warriors, and even forget about their friends and family through it.

Second Life, hoewever, takes it even further, displaying almost a copy of the real world, with almost as many opportunities, except that, nothing is real.

Both games have over 10 million players worldwide and cost about 15 dollars a month.

Well, my opinion is, play it if you want, but when the people around you start worrying, listen to them. Please.


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